About us

    The Agro Invest Bohemia Corporation’s establishment process began in early fall of 2009. The main objective of newly established company („AIB“) was to  cover-in the complex range of all environment and agriculture-related businesses then held by Mr. Tomas Sobota through his freelance & other companies. Being the major shareholder (as well as due to his rich experience in the field of agronomy and  rural re-cultivations), Mr. Tomas Sobota was elected to become the CEO of Agro Invest Bohemia Corporation.
    AIB came up with lumber, rubber and oil palm plantations, forest re-cultivations, later we developed and successfully tested a concept of biological wastewater treatment plants and currently we work on development of complex coastal aquaculture program.

Corporate policy
    The major objective of any business is revenue, that's certain and natural. However, the economical figures are only one side of the coin. The other side is social and environmental impact of the corporate activities. We are a development company and we pay full attention to co-existence with surrounding environment and communities, therefore we can proudly state, that our activities, aside of being profitable, improve the lives and preserve the environment.
    The premise of AIB is based on several principles, which is to make our company beneficial for the society as well as for our shareholders. The key means are as follows:
  • to use domestic products – import only when necessary
  • to cooperate with local authorities – helpfulness becomes mutual
  • to focus on maximal efficiency – employment rate is less dependent to actual conditions, increases profitability
  • to replace good with better – the created environment must be more socially-beneficial than its predecessor
  • to balance export – the goods value shall remain within its origin
  • to focus on continuity of development – improves social stability, ensures regional progress
  • to prefer long-range objectives – only patience and sensitive management can bring real prosperity
    The thesis we urge – that re-cultivations must be profitable, not sponsored – is again and again affirmed by developing void outback into (natural environment friendly) artificial ecosystems providing permanent economical and social profit both for the surrounding communities and for the investors involved without causing any extensive environmental damage on the local wildlife flora or fauna.

Who we are...
    The strong relations among the agricultural development industry and years of experience with benefication of wastelands make the AIB very desirable partner for key projects in field of our scope. The practical experience with waste management, plantation development, animal husbandry and facility-development predetermines us to succeed even in project requiring extremely complex solutions and rapid realization. The know-how we possess comes from years of presence within the business, cooperation with leading European and Asian applied-research companies and is proven by many realized projects, usually benefication of surface-mining areas in Europe as well as establishment of artificial plantations in tropical countries of Asia. Our experience, conjointly with the know-how of our contractual partners, guarantees unmatched work quality and lays a firm foundation for surpassing the assigned tasks.